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A family portrait...Ruby, Rose, Zac and Magic...




"Mystique" is now retired from both the showring and maternal duties....
She bowed out in fine style taking RESERVE EXHIBIT IN SHOW at the CKCS Club Qld's Open Show.
She can now concentrate on her favourite thing..being a lounge lizard!


"Rogue" now belongs to Clare Sutton of "Luasper" Cavaliers in Sarina Qld.
I wish them well in the showring!

Retired to the sofa.... Brockee at the Ipswich Show 2011

Tebany and Ally have a cuddle and nap....

Holly and Jasper enjoying the Queensland Summer !!

Meet Bron and Cindy aka Kahleyvale Peach Blossom.
Cindy was a 5th Birthday gift for Bron and Cindy is now 12 years old and very loved!!!!

At the "Spectacular Petacular" Brisbane 2009

Molly and Kayla play tug-o-war...sisterly love!!!

Cardi sports a bow tie for his 8th Birthday Party...

Cardi and his friends at his 8th Birthday Party...


Molly, Ben's sister tucked up for the night...3 months old

Ben rests with his best mate Max in Cairns...

Indi has fun at the beach with her new family...April 2008

Three generations of Kahleyvale...Magic, Indi and Mystique, have a snooze.

Cardi, his daughter Summer and her son Brock.

The Kahleyvale Tri Kids at the Petacular 2008...Austen, Mercedes, Summer and Darcy.

Poppy and Lana at eight weeks...two sisters from Indi's eight!!!

Bramble, Mercedes, Rogue and Kiara the Papillon at play!!

Indi in pretty mode for the fashion Parade at the Pet Expo March 2006

Mystique, Indi, Summer, Cardi, Magic and Briar.....doing it tough....

MYSTIQUE and ROGUE snuggle up with BRODY after a hard days showing...

Tully..Indi's son.

"Brock's" sister "Poppy" looking pretty in Far North Queensland...Poppy now lives in Brisbane!

Kahleyvale Autumn Angel "Holly" with her best friend "Sam"

Little "Harry" graduates from "Puppy Preschool"

"Holly" surveys her new backyard...

Harry's brother "Rupert" learns how to sail...

Brody and Morgan's little girl acts cute...

Holly's brother "Xander" catches some sun...

Mr Darcy turns one...Gold Coast Show 2006

His Sisters...Miss Tilly & Miss Sticky enjoy their first Birthday celebrations
at the Gold Coast too!

Chatting to the public at the Brisbane Pet and Animal Expo 2006
"Piper" and "Mystique" hold court in "Ye Olde Kissing Boothe"

"Phoebe" Kahleyvale Magique Charm - (Magic & Dominique's) girl visits us....

Cardi shows his true colours at the Brisbane Royal...

The Kahleyvale Kids hit the Caboolture show...January 2006

A snobby Magic at 3 years of age...with Ash

My Gorgeous little man who left  prematurely after an altercation with a snake.
 Zac.... Gaycrest Beau Geste

"Tizzy" adds his paw of approval to Dr Harry's Pet range...
with his human friend Carol's assistance.

"Willow" Kahleyvale Touch O Magic.

A dog's eye view of Pet Expo 2005...Cardi & Tammy (Kahleyvale Cassie Tamara)..
Why are they looking at me Mum?!!! If I shut my eyes really tight, they might go away!

Gaycrest Dominique at age 10 (30/12/94) still knows how to have a good time.
Here he is impersonating King Charles himself!

Cavaliers in their natural environment.....Cardi and Indi (Blenheims) Magic and Phoenix (Tris)

Carol, James and Willow catch up at the Cav Club Picnic June 2005

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