Dogs have always been a major part of my life. My first dog was a yellow Labrador named "Simon", sadly we were living in Singapore and we had to leave him behind when returning to Australia.

That's me celebrating Christmas in Malaysia with my family...age 2 years

He was followed by a Corgi "Tigger" when I was 10 and then his daughter "Nipper" whose mother...a Silky Terrier who should have been desexed...lived next door. My Mother actually breeds and exhibits Australian Silky Terriers now and is living in far North Queensland. I visit her every year...and I take a couple of dogs too of course.

Carol (age 15) & Nipper

My Mother with her Grand Champion Silky "Beau" myself and "Cardi" poolside in Innisfail.

During my highschool years, I discovered the magic of horses, so I purchased my first horse "Sham" an Anglo Arabian and after Nipper went to the Rainbow Bridge, my Mum got me "Rex" named because he came into our lives the day Elvis died. (Rex is Latin for King). Rex was a dog who could keep up with my spirited horse. I competed at Pony Club as well as Rodeo events like Barrel racing and we also enjoyed Trail riding..

Carol (age 17), Sham & Rex    

After losing my special mate "Rex", a Border Collie / Australian Cattle dog cross at 11 years of age from prostrate cancer and now a young mother with two little girls, I decided to buy a dog for my children that was smaller in size, but just as tough and gentle as a Border Collie, it also had to be pretty!

Carol (age 22) and horse number 2 "Little Joe"...
a quieter Arabian pony that the girls could ride too.

On my wedding day (age 20) with my niece Angela.

I saw a photo in a magazine and I knew  my search was over. I had to own a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel....The year was 1988 and they were quite rare in Queensland in those days!

I managed to purchase one through a local newspaper, "purebred no papers"...yes, I did it all wrong. "Daisy" of course turned out to be a crossbreed, to the untrained eye she looked to be a Cavalier! We loved her anyway, but fate took a hand in our lives and while on holidays, she was hit by a car at the home of our friends who were caring for her. Sadly she was euthanaised due to complications... 

L-R: Kacey, Hayley and Daisy - 1988.

 My children were devastated and I knew I had to resume the search. I again looked in the local newspaper and found a litter close by. The puppies were all sold by the time I arrived, but they were also selling mum.....yes, she came home with me!

Her name was Pipalee Royal Delight, we called her "Rosie" and she was later to become my foundation bitch.

Reading the Saturday paper one morning, I saw an ad for a litter with Tri colours!  I excitedly made enquiries to purchase another girl as a companion for Rosie, only to be told there were only boys left. I went and had a peek, not intending to purchase one at all (famous last words) and bought home "Sam" named by the girls. I had wanted to call him "Bronson" as in Charles Bronson <G> they won! Registered name Goldndawn Fancy Free.

I spoke to the vet about having them desexed as I had no intentions of  breeding... The vet assured me that at 7 months, Sam was too young to be a daddy....someone forgot to tell Sam!

When I realised Rosie was indeed pregnant, I quickly did all the appropriate things, joined the C.C.C.Q, chose a prefix etc and in due time, March 17 1989, along came a lovely litter of 5 bouncing babies!

A Cavalier exhibitor, (Sulcav Cavaliers) saw my ad in the newspaper and looked at the puppies. He was very excited and told me the pedigrees were most impressive! He purchased a Tri-colour female to show.

Her name was Kahleyvale Lady Shamrok and she was awarded "Baby in Show" in her first month of exhibition! She was destined to be the first Kahleyvale Champion.....but was desexed due to  complications (pre-eclampsia) during  whelping. 

Kahleyvale Holly Rose "Holly" was retained by me from my next litter. After much coaxing, we made our debut at a local Agricultural Show. She was awarded "Baby in Group"... Due to maternal duties and work commitments (mine not hers), she was rarely shown and retired from the ring on 80+ points

1990 .... from humble beginnings Pipalee Royal Delight (Rosie) & Goldndawn Fancy Free (Sam).
Holly is one of these puppies, don't ask me which one!

But I was well and truly hooked........and the rest, as they say, is History!

I was very lucky, my dogs pedigrees were compatible and more importantly, they were healthy lines. Things could have been very different. Please, buy your puppy from an experienced Breeder, who will guide you and teach you about pedigrees, health and the Standard.

I have come a long way since those early days and I am very conscious of health problems experienced by these lovely little dogs. As my aim is to breed healthy & happy Cavaliers,  I have introduced lines that have ancestry that is certified MVD free and breeders who care....

I would like to thank in particular Bob Crapp (Kabob) and Gloria Dollin (Gaycrest) for their advice and guidance over the years.

My First Open Show - 1991

Holly's first in group our first Championship Show.
"Baby in Group"

Woohoo...Krystle and I and our first Challenge award,
In the background Hayley, Kacey and Chester (Holly's son) with his human Rob.

1992 and Krystle takes Reserve in Group -  MY FIRST


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